A Guided Meditation, by Alastor Damon

We’ll begin today’s session with our eyes open.

Make yourself comfortable.

Now, I want you to gaze into space.

It doesn’t matter what you can see. Allow your gaze to be very wide. Allow your focus to relax.

Become aware of the sensation of breathing.

In, and out…

In, and out…

As you breathe in, follow the breath back to the one who is breathing.

Visualise breathing in your surroundings.

Let all that colour, light, sound… everything… pass into your body. Let it seep into every part of you. Into the air in your lungs, into your blood. Let it flow all the way to the ends of your fingers. The very top of your head. The soles of your feet. Your toes.


… and out.

Now let’s try the reverse.

As you breathe out, I want you to imagine your consciousness moving out of your body. Remember, your mind creates everything you see, hear, taste and feel. There’s really no hard line between you and your external experiences. There is no reason that you, the person who is seeing and feeling, should remain locked inside your own head.

Rest your mind, calm and open.

Completely, wide open.

Stay calm, relaxed, peaceful.

Cast yourself out into your surroundings.


… and in.

Now, let’s work on really synchronising these two practices.

On the inhalation, breathe in your surroundings. Just allow it all to flow into you. On the exhalation, breathe yourself out into the world. Everything that is you, the one who sees and feels – push out. You may feel a little resistance. That’s natural. We are so very comfortable inside our own bodies. Relax, and focus. Follow that breath out and…

… there you go.

Well done.

Can you still hear me?

I don’t believe you can.

But still, I wish you a peaceful day. A peaceful eternity, in fact.

Thank you for your time here today.

And your body.

Author’s notes
This piece of flash fiction brought to you by an author who might have listened to a lot of guided meditation sessions, and who might have too much of an overactive imagination for that, really.

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