A woman, turning

The silhouette twirled endlessly on Janet’s computer screen. It was the ponytail, she thought, that reminded her of her daughter. It was black of course, in the animation, but the outline… that was like Abby’s wheat-coloured hair had been, once.

If you see the girl spin both ways you’re using both sides of your brain!” yelled the caption. Janet chewed her finger. To her, it was always going the same way.

She looked at her phone, then pressed a button. It began to ring. Janet glanced back at the computer screen and smiled as, finally, the graceful dancer changed direction.

Author’s notes

This is an attempt to write something in exactly 100 words. Such pieces are sometimes called drabbles. Can you see the girl go both ways? I always see her moving clockwise. Maybe I need to make that phone call I’ve been putting off… 

© Kat Day 2017

6 thoughts on “A woman, turning

  1. Hi Kat, neatly done. I can’t say that I have heard of a ‘drabble’ before. A very difficult thing to do. As for the rotating girl, I usually see her going clockwise, but not always. I think it depends on where the ambient light is coming from. Bit like looking at photos of the moon, I often see the craters as bulges, until I turn the page upside down. (Difficult with a monitor though.)


    1. Thanks! Drabbles are quite a big thing. There are whole sites devoted to them. Flash/micro-fiction is increasingly popular it seems, guess it suits the social media world.

      Yeah she’s always going clockwise. I can only make her go the other way if I cover up everything but the very top of her head.


  2. Hi Kat,

    Tapping into your subconscious momentarily – I think the figure moves the other way for a split second and then is lost. Was the phone call a metaphor for entry to that consciousness…?

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