Her dress was the colour of the summer sky at midnight

eye-637552_960_720Her dress is the colour of the summer sky at midnight; her shoes the hue and lustre of amethysts. Eyes once fresh blueberries have drifted nettle-green. Tiny fingers clutch the fur of a tangerine teddy bear, while mine stroke soft strands of hair the colour of fresh popcorn. I caress the dot of strawberry birthmark. She smiles, brilliant as the sun after a storm. Today, I remember her never-born brother. She is my rainbow baby.

Author’s notes
This was written for Paragraph Planet, and was featured on that site on the 8th of September 2016. The only requirement for Paragraph Planet is that submissions must be exactly 75 words long. There are many, lovely pieces there – do pop along and have a read.

© Kat Day 2016

6 thoughts on “Her dress was the colour of the summer sky at midnight

  1. I am sure you have a talent for fiction. I read a lot of different genres, and to be honest, I try to avoid the ones that make me uncomfortable. However, I think you could write a damned fine tale that would make me laugh and squirm in equal measure. I would like to think that would go for many others too. Keep it up!

    Sadly, I have all the creativity of a typical critic, but I do know what I like. (Actually, I reckon if I didn’t know what I liked, I would be a politician)

    My mother had a couple of books published ( They are right good too, I am in them 😉 ) Unfortunately, none of her offspring appear to have her talent, or ( fortunately for me, her diaries )

    Keep writing!


  2. Aw thank you! I’ve been busy with non-fiction lately, but I need to make time for stories. Once you start writing you can’t keep them down anyway, they bang on the inside of your head until you let them out (I think I might be paraphrasing Pratchett here, but only because I know exactly what he meant!) You should try to write, if you want to. Anyone can do it! And everyone has a story in them….


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